Our Crops

TrueFarms grows a wide selection of lettuces and greens that our customers demand. All elements of growing the best lettuce are carefully and routinely analyzed.  A very important variable is the quality of water used to feed the plants.  It is so important; that we used it as a primary factor in purchasing the land for TrueFarms.  We tested the water with a known university as part of the close process to purchase the land.  The test results on the water were spectacular.  The water is so pure and free of bad elements we don't need to treat it before feeding the plants.


Boston Bibb

Sweet buttery flavor and delicate texture of the large, ruffled outer leaves. Cutting into the lettuce reveals a soft, folded, and blanched heart. Also known as Boston lettuce, this is the sort of lettuce most prized in Europe.



A brassica crop native to southern Europe and Western Asia, there are two general classes of arugula grown here in the US and abroad. Both types have the peppery flavor characteristic of arugula. Our Arugula is prized for its spicy and crisp flavor.


A perfect 3-in-1 for any salad. Specially selected seeds designed to give you a light and crisp taste that's full of flavor, that'll satisfy your healthy diet!


Mini Romaine (Gem Lettuce)

Uniform, compact heads with dark-green, slightly savory leaves. Buttery-textured, blanched hearts have great flavor. Attractive vase shape; upright habit. This unique plant mimics that of Romaine Lettuce but has a greater taste and longer lasting life

Seasonals & Upcoming



Authentic flavor and appearance. Tall and relatively slow to bolt with large, dark green leaves about 3" long. This particular basil packs a punch that'll leave you wanting more.


Water Cress

Water cress stems and leaves are thinner and more tender than Arugula. Water Cress has more vitamin C than oranges, and more vitamin A than broccoli and rich in antioxidants.

Water Cress’ dynamic, spicy flavor compliments salads, soups, sandwiches, grilled vegetables and fish dishes.  It can be cooked or eaten raw.


Baby Bok Choi

A member of the Chinese cabbage family, it is baby head and has wider leaves, which along with the stalks are a pale green color. It can be eaten raw as single stalks or combined into other dishes such as stir-fries and soups. As our Baby Bok Choy is live and extra fresh, providing a truly unparalleled taste.


Where We Serve


Our Community aspires to serve the greater DC/Metro area with a great sense community and environment by building its core around the Farm-to-Table principle. We aim to support our promise of providing local restaurants with consistently fresh produce everyday. We also engage with local stores, farmer's markets, and charity organizations. 

You can find our Boston Bibb, Arugula, and Spring Medley at one of these partner stores!

The next time you're in your favorite food outlet, look for us, we may be there, and if not, talk with your local produce source about getting TrueFarms to you faster!