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4P Foods

Our own arugula was present at this 4P Field of Greens Market and guess who was shopping there?

"Just purchased TrueFarm's Arugula and Bib Lettuce from my local Giant. I am so impressed with the quality and flavor!! My family will definitely be eating more salads because of TrueFarms. It's so nice to have fresh local produce available during winter months."

Cansandra C.


"TrueFarms is a top notch Greenhouse operation. They have the cleanest and most efficiently run green house I have ever seen. Oh, did I mention that they have the best arugula I have ever tasted. Get out to the local Giant in NOVA try the TrueFarm difference. No pesticides, No Preservatives! Just high quality!"

Cory L.


"The best hydroponic lettuce around the DC area. Support local."

Nick M.